The Unit of Rough Degassing

The coarse degassing filter is designed to remove oxygen from treated water by the method of physical desorption, and can be used as a first step in the application of any method of non-thermal deoxygenation of water, as well as in hot water systems. When used in hot water supply systems, a special mixture of sorbents is used, providing bactericidal treatment of the treated water, in addition to performing its main functions.


The principle of the device is based on reducing the solubility of oxygen in the treated water with an increase in its conditional mineralization. For this reason, the residual oxygen content in the treated water after the apparatus is approximately 50-70% lower than its solubility under these conditions (pressure and temperature). 

The device consists of a cylindrical body with upper and lower spherical ends. Inside the case there are upper, middle and lower drainage-distributing devices. Each of the installed PDUs has its own design features, which correspond to its functional purpose.

Above the lower DRU is loaded a mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic sorbents. The total loading height of sorbents is about 150 millimeters above the level of the average DRO. The ratio of hydrophilic and hydrophobic sorbents in the load is: 90% hydrophilic sorbent and 10% hydrophobic sorbent.

Source water is supplied through the drainage-distributing device of the apparatus. The released gases accumulate in the upper part of the apparatus and are continuously removed from it through the air vent. Deoxygenated water is discharged in the lower part of the apparatus, through the lower DRU.

The filtering load of the machine is subject to periodic loosening flushes, due to the reverse flow of water entering through the lower DRU and discharged through the upper DRU. The criterion of need for washing is an increase in the hydraulic resistance of the apparatus by 3–5 mm2 (0.3 - 0.5 kg / cm2). When the intensity of loosening washes is 5 l / m2s, its duration is 10 minutes.

In addition to loosening washes, maintenance of the apparatus involves periodic monitoring of the oxygen content before and after the apparatus, as well as the annual monitoring of the level of sorbent filling. Approximate annual sorbent feed rate is 10-15%.  


Technological Location of the URD


Installation Specifications:

1 Productivity м3/h 10
2 Residual oxygen concentration after installation 1 mg/kg
3 Hydraulic resistance 1 kg/cm
4 Filter diameter, m 0,8
5 Maximum allowable temperature of water supplied no more than 1000С
6 Operating pressure 6 kg/cm2

The installation is protected by patents. There are all the necessary permits to install and download to it.


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