Measurement of dissolved oxygen in liquids is a task requiring solutions of various technological processes. The concentration of dissolved oxygen depends on changes in many factors: temperature, atmospheric pressure, the level of mineralization, etc.

Most important is the proper organization of control over the level of dissolved oxygen in the energy sector and wastewater treatment, because oxygen causes corrosion of steel pipes. A special chemical water regime is implemented at power plants, during which measurements are carried out with special, highly-sensitive oxygen sensors. At wastewater treatment plants, monitoring the level of dissolved oxygen is necessary when aerating active sludge, which entails high energy costs, so accuracy in measuring dissolved oxygen directly affects the energy efficiency of the entire process.

The company AQUA FORESIGHT Ltd. provides a measurement service of the concentration of dissolved oxygen (KRK) in water.

MARK-3010. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

  (Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
Measurement of the concentration of dissolved oxygen (CRC) and the temperature of aqueous media, including deaerated media. Operational control of water-chemical regimes at the facilities of thermal, nuclear energy.

The range of services is:

  • departure of the master to the object;
  • measurement indicators;
  • issue test report.
PRICE :     2500  UAH.

Technical characteristics of the dissolved oxygen analyzer


Parameter Range Discreteness Accuracy
KRK, mkg/dm3 0-10 0,0001 ±(0,001+0,04*)A - measured value
Temperature, °C 0-70 0,1  ±0,3


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