The network magnetic sludge collector is a device in which three principles of cleaning the network water are consistently implemented:


- Inertial sedimentation;

- magnetism;

- filtration.

When water enters the sludge catcher, its speed and direction change, and the largest particles of pollution, under the action of gravity, are deposited in the lower part of the MSC. Further, the water, passing through the magnetic system, is subjected to magnetic treatment. Some of the impurities have paramagnetic and ferromagnetic properties, and are deposited on "magnetic traps". As dirt accumulates on the “magnetic traps,” they are washed away by the flow of water into the slurry chamber, and removed through the drainage pipe and a special hydro valve.

Contaminants that do not have magnetic properties are retained by a mesh filter located inside the housing in front of the outlet pipe.

Thanks to a successful technical solution, the bulk of pollution (up to 60% of the total amount) is intercepted by “magnetic traps”, which allows, with a high dirt capacity of the device, a significant extension of its operating cycle.


The main advantage of network magnetic sludge catchers is:

  • high performance;

  • low hydraulic resistance;

  • cycle time;

  • automatic sludge removal system.

A standard sludge trap has the following characteristics:

-       working environment - water;

-       working pressure - up to 0.6 MPa;

-       maximum operating temperature - T≤ +120°C;

-       grid size - from 1x1mm to 2x2 mm;

-       filter housing, flanges (GOST12820-80 P-1.6 MPa), grids - st20, st3, 09G2S or better;

-       magnetic system of ferrite-bar plates of at least 84x64x14;

-       the amplitude value of the magnetic induction on the surface of the magnet is not less than 50 mT;

-       hydraulic resistance - not more than 10 kPa;

-       case - folding.

* - Due to the long operating time of the MSC without removing the sludge, the automatic system is almost never used!

The package includes:

  • documentation for manufactured equipment;
  • working drawings;
  • passport;
  • user's manual.
  • The warranty period of operation is at least 24 months from the date of commissioning of the equipment. 

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